Erkeklerde Estetik

These days men try to look as good as women. Groomed and stylish image in business and daily life provides a lot of advantages. Our main aesthetic topics for men:

Hair Loss and Balding

Stressful work, family and social life cause men hair loss and balding recently. We have several treatments, such as mesatherapy, elctrostatic treatment, stick wig, hair transplantation, and flop surgery in case of hair loss.

Feminine Appearing Breasts

The breasts which look feminine are called ‘Gynecomastia’. It’s not a rare situation. It is seem in each one of 10 men and it effects the person’s daily life such as choice of clothes.

Laser Applications

Men need laser due to excess hairing. The areas where  epilation is applied are ears, between the eyebrows,over beard, back, chest, arms and legs. Mostly 3-4 sessions show positive results. Acne blemishes, nevuses, aging and sun stains, scar, tattoo stains, and capollaries are being disappeared easily.

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