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What is Breast Enlargement and how is it applied?

The size of the breast enlargment is decided by considering patient’s will,the width of the rib cage, and patients height.

Surgery is done with general anesthesia in theatre area. It lasts average between 1-2 hours. According to patient’s situation dressing is done in the first 3 days and sports bras are worn.

Surgeons recommend to use these bras  at least 2 months. There may be swlling, bruising and numbness on nipple temporarily but this will disappear  after a while.

Burning sensation around the breasts may be noticed for several weeks. It is possible to feel pain and sensivity up to 3-4 weeks.

Stitches removed after 7-10 days. Patients can return back to their daily life with permission of their doctor.

What is Breast Reduction and how is it applied?

Even if it is a plastic surgery for fixing larger than normal breasts, it is an ab surgery to solve health problems, such as backaches, disturbance of posture, headache, shoulder ache, difficulty in breathing, sunken image in shoulder because of bra straps, hygiene problems under breasts (like rash, or fungus infections).

New  place is drawn for breasts according to patient’s height and weight. After that more tissue of breasts and more skin are removed under general anesthesia within 2-4 hours.

There may be temporary pain in arm movements for several days. There may be swelling, numbness on nipple, bruising  breasts.  These  are all temporary symptoms. Stitches are removed after 12- 15 days.

According to the size of breasts the patient can return back his/her Daily life after 1-2 weeks.

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What is Breast Lift and how is it applied?

Breasts can sag  because of several different reasons. The connective tissue which keeps breast tissue in its place can loosen over certain time.

There may be mismatch between breast tissue and skin parts which covers around the breast depending on different effects, such as changings of excess weight, breast feeding and gravity.

Swelling breast tissue is reshaped, more skin is removed, nipple is placed to the area where it is usually. The surgery is done under general anesthesia in theatre area.

The surgery lasts 1.5-2 hours. Dressing is thinned and sports bra must be worn. This bra is used  for 2 months and masage is recommended at the same time. Nipple parts should be followed with different dressing on a regular base.

Stitches are removed after  7-12 days. According to the degree of ptosis  the patient can return back to daily life after 1-7 days.

How is Breast Reduction applied on men?

There may be growth on breast area that gives feminine image to a man.

It is caused from side effects such as through some drugs or hormonal disturbance.  Gynecomastia treatment which heal alone needs  surgery.

Local or general anesthesia is used according to the patients wish. The patient is dicharged from hospital with the permission of the doctor. If it is combined with liposuction. liposuction is done first and more breast tissue is removed  getting  from the nipple with semicircular incision of 1-2 cm of reverse.

The surgery lasts 20-60 minutes. Swelling, ache, and lividity can be noticed after the surgery but these are temporary symtoms.

Temporary numbness occurs on the nipples. Patient can return back to his/her daily life after several days.

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