Popo Kaldırma Estetiği

What is Butt Lift and how is it applied?

Kalça ya da popo bölgesi de güzellik değerlendirilmesinde önemlidir. If you want  more and better aesthetic appearance  you can take advantage of butt lif surgery.

Patient’s wish and problems are listened before the butt lift surgery. Then areas which are sagging and degraded are marked while standing.

Patient needs to ly on his/her stomach for treatment and local anesthesia. After  a small incision from coccyx special sutures being consisted of conical structure are placed via metal cannulas between the mark.

Butt lift surgery is completed within 30 minutes up to 1 hour. After sutures are placed, butt lift operation is completed.

Sutures which have been placed melt in 6 months.

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