Botoks ve Dolgu

What are botox and fillers?

Skin type changes person to person. When some of them grow old early, others grow old later.

Wrinkles are evaluated to their forms, such as wrinkles formed with facial expressions (forehead and around the eyes), and wrinkles came up from gravity and sagging skin (skin folds around mouth).

Different methods are used accrding to wrinkles’ location and type. Wrinkles at forehead and browse edge gives an old expression and wrinkles between the eyebrows give an angry expression.

To provide to decrease wrinkles after a short process with botox and fillers by cosmetic surgeons is possible.

After 3-7 days from surgeon, it starts to Show effects on wrinkles and it keeps through 4-6 months.

To provide skin to be seen more healthy and young,blisters on skin (dermabrazion, peeling, laser), and sags need to be resolved (filler injections), the contraction of facial muscles should be prevented or minimized(botox).

So these methods are mostly used in combine.

What is Lip Aesthetics and how is it applied?

Lip thickening and thinning are done in lip aesthetics.

Some people have reduction of lip thickness because of lip structure or reduction of fat tissue in lip due to aging. This problem can be handled with lip thickening.

Lip thinning is to shrink lip which is extremely thick. It is a process being taken an elliptical part from thick lip mucosa and being sewed with fat tissue.

The operation is realized under local anesthesia.

Swellings are generally disappeared in 7-10 days.

Dudak Estetiği

Lazer Epilasyon

What is Laser Hair Removal and how is it applied?

Women used to different methods to get rid of unwanted hair. While wax,different creams and lotions, needle epilation, laser, photo-epilation, and radio frequency are used to get rid of unwanted hair, the fastest and healthiest option is the laser. But the reasons of pilling hirsutism should be investigated in case of any illness, or hormonal problem before beginning. It is more suitable to be made the evaluation by a specialist.

If there is an illness, patient should firstly be treated and after that the option of laser epilation should be evaluated.  If there is no illness, laser epilation can be started immediately. Laser is used commonly in aesthetics surgery as being used in science and technology.

Being used laser in aesthetics surgery is not limited to epilation. To treat and stain capillaries, vol refreshed are used effectively.

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