Botoks ve Dolgu

What are botox and fillers?

Skin type changes person to person. Some skin age earlie and some later.

Wrinkles are evaluated to their forms, such as wrinkles  formed with facial expressions (forehead and around the eyes), and wrinkles caused  from gravity and sagging skin (skin folds around mouth).

Different methods are used accrding to the location of the wrinkles and type. Wrinkles at forehead and browse edge show an old expression and wrinkles between the eyebrows show an angry expression.

With the skills of experts it is possible to  decrease wrinkles after a short process with botox and fillers.

3-7 days after the surgeon, it starts to show effects on wrinkles and it keeps the status through 4-6 months.

In order to have skin to be seen more healthy and younger, blisters on skin (dermabrazion, peeling, laser)  and sags need to be resolved (filler injections). The contraction of facial muscles should be prevented or minimized (botox).

These methods are mostly used in combination.

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