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What is  Facial Rejuvenation and how is it applied?

Due to natural aging, face skin gets devastated along with the effects of sun. This is seen at locations which more sunshine (face and hands).

Incorect sun bathing and not using sun protecting creams cause this and  wrinkles and blots start to form on skin. Laser is used recently to fix these changes on skin and to refresh. Laser rays are used in science’s different fields and some skin diseases.

Laser rays are produced from different sources.  It is not possible to solve every problem with one laser. So there are different laser machines according to purpose. Laser can be used with local anesthesia or other cosmetic surgeons as complementary methods.

When it is thought basically, laser cause to be burn on skin. This makes skin open to infections. Due this reason along with laser therapy treatment with drugs should be prescribed to  patients after  using laser technology to protect from both bacterial and viral infections.

The burn is a controlled surface burn. The process  do take 1-2 hours.

Sometimes  it needs various repeat sessions according to the patient.

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