Lazer Epilasyon

What is Laser Hair Removal and how is it applied?

Women use  different methods to remove unwanted hair. While wax, different creams and lotions, needle epilation, laser, photo-epilation, and radio frequency are used to remove unwanted hair, the fastest and healthiest option is  laser technology.  Reasons of pilling hirsutism should be investigated in case of any illness  or hormonal problem before beginning with laser therapy. It is more suitable that the evaluation is made by a specialist.

If there is an illness, patient should firstly be treated against this and after that the option of laser epilation should be evaluated. If there is no illness, laser epilation can be started immediately. Laser is used commonly in aesthetics surgery as well used in science and technology.

Using laser in aesthetics surgery is not only limited to epilation. It is also used effectively against stain capillaries as well as  hair removal technology and for skin renewal treatments( by increasing kolagen levels).

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