What is laser to remove tatoos and how is it applied?

Laser is used for the process of tattoo to unscribe

Laser ray subsides to the epidermis layer of the skin  and it is absorbed from compounds which give the color of tattoo in dermis and hypodermic texture. It causes to be destroyed through the immune system by shreding.

If the color of the tattoo is dark it can  be erased easily, but if it is light colour to scribe the tatoo is harder.

During unscribe sessions there is generally no need for anesthesia but when it is applied to sensitive people or areas  it may be useful to do with local anesthesia.

There may be mild swelling in the area where tattoo is applied and erythema like burn may occur. Swelling and incrustation may be invisible in a weeks time.

Application is done approximately during 4-8 sessions. Between every session a break of 4-6 weeks is needed. It is not recommended to repeat your session earlier as it will not be beneficial. It’s more wise to have the next treatment session within  the recomended time.

Epitelizan creams should be used after surgeon. It is recommended to use in between of seassions sun protecting creams.

Especially skin color, quality of skin,tattoo’s color and the area on the body are important personal qualities.

The laser energy, frequency of the ray, ray wavelength to scribe or remove tattoos is important and essential.

Unscribing or removing tatoos with no experience or skills of how to use laser may cause permanent and bad scarrings.

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