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What is PRP Skin Treatment and how is it applied?

PRP Treatment is applied without surgeon and anesthesia to the patient at problems, such as face-lift, reducing and filling wrinkles, contour correction, reduction of looseness, stain treatment, antiaging.

This operation makes the skin more stretched and moist  and the number of wrinkles and open pores get less.  Applied PRP treatment to the under skin on face with filling or mesoderm treatment helps the skin to look younger and to gain brighter appearance.

Platets which are reached to the tissues with blood circulation are converted to PRP with a special process.

These  prepared PRPs are applied to the neck and over breast areas.

This method is applied to the neck and over breast areas to provide  structed skin, removal of collapse, to gain flexibility and speciousness again after the application, such as laser/peeling.

What is PRP Hair Treatment and how is it applied?

PRP is provided with tissue regeneration method. It’s applied to make hair loss less and vitalizate weak/thin hair tools.

 10 cc blood is taken from a patient who has hair problem. It is decomposed in a laboratory and obtained red blood in PRP Hair Treatment surgery. After leukocyte, clotting factors, and PGFs are obtained red blood is undergos a special process,Plasma which is needed for PRP treatment is prepared.

Obtained plasma is injected to the area where hair loss begins and hair tools are thin with the napping method.

This  PRP treatment lasts half an hour. There will be no pain or scar after the treatment. After the prepared plasma is injected to the patient, the patient can return back to his/her daily life.

Üç ay boyunca ayda bir kez tekrarlanması gerekir. Surgeons recommend to repeat the process once per year.

PRP Saç Tedavisi

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