What is Foam Varicose Therapy and how is it applied?

It is the most admired method because of patient satisfaction and is used on all varicose patients. Medicine is foamed and injected to the vein inside like Skleroterapia which is called wrinkled vessel. Even if it looks like the same as skleroterapia this method’s side effects are less because it treats more veins with less medicine. The quantity  medicine used is approximately one fifth according to skleroterapia’s. Advantages and disadvantages are the same as skleroterapia’s. But foam therapy is more painful.


  • Patient satisfaction is high.
  • The process can be applied to all with the exemption  for capillary varicose.
  • Patient can return back his/her daily life the same day because  injectetion is from foot.
  • All the varicoses which can be treated with surgery can be treated with this method,too.
  • There is no pain.

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