Lazerle Varis Tedavisi

What is Varicose Therapy with Laser and how is it applied?

EVLT (Endovascular Laser Therapy) is a method which closes large varicose veins with laser rays. This method has been developed recently as an alternative which depends on taking vein as surgery in theatre area. For example, while“stripping” method of the varicose veins in the groin area between the ankle surgical incisions are being removed. EVLT method into vascular catheter in one place with the help of laser beam is applied and vessels can be easily closed.

EVLT has some risks as any of other plastic surgerys. For example: bruises heal within 2 weeks, ache, itching, numbness… The legs which had treatment have a bandage and patient can go home after walking 10-20 minutes, and resting. Painkillers can be used with doctor permission for ache. The bandage is removed after several days and varicose sock is worn during a 7 days period. There is no problem to start sport exercises and hot bathing after 2 weeks.

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