Varis Nedir?

What is Varicose Therapy and how is it applied?

Varicose is expantion swelling in the venous. Varicose consists at feet’s inferior parts which are mostly under pressure. It is not only an aesthetic problem but also a health problem.

People who have varicose have night cramps, itching in the legs, swelling, pain beause of standing. Women mostly complain about varicose in their pregnancy and period.  Creams are used to decrease precision of skin to adopt the skin for process.

Surgery is started by using laser ray to fine varicose which has a cherry color. Capillaries are red. Wacelength of laser light is used and is set  to work out in this red color. It is the most simple description of the process. These skin varicoses called telangiectasia  absorbs the light. This way varicoses are destroyed. The surgery lasts 30-60 minutes. This  time changes according to the amount of varicose.

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