Frequently Asked Questions Before the Operation

  • What do you need to do before Hair Transplantation surgery?
    You should avoid alcohol, medical drugs (aspirin, coraspirin), vitamin E or similair during the week before the operation. In case you are a smoker you should reduce smoking as much as you can.
  • Where should I do my hair transplantation?
    You should select places where they have got the license from the ministry of health to perform such surgery with approved theater, experts and tools ( especially plastic and reconstrucitve surgeons). It is important that the operation center has sterile facilities and modern technology according to current standards. Having surgerys done in such areas which do not comply with medical health standards may be be harmful to your health. Hair transplantation at not approved places are during legal ispection considered as criminal offense. Mediliva brings you together with best doctors and experts in their area of expertise, sterile theaters which are equipped with the latest technology.
  • Who should do my surgery?
    Hair transplantation is a surgery which is performed by hair transplantation experts and is controlled by plastic surgeons. Mediliva provides you the best surgeons in their area of expertise and skills.
  • How old one does have to be to have hair transplantation done?
    Age limit depends on  to the loss and length of your hair loss. If your hair’s intensity is extremely few and the losing period does not continue, hair transplantation surgery can be done. Not showing continuity of losing hair is will prevent you for having another hair transplantation process. This age period for men is between 39-45.
  • How long does a hair transplantation operation last?
    Although it changes from person to person, the area where the transplantation will be done and the number of grafts (Grafts are hair folliculs to be transplanted to the balding area after being taken from the donor area) to be planted will determine the length of the surgery session which can last between 4-8 hours. You can have a breaks according to your special requirements during the surgery. During the surgery you can spend time by listening to music, watching TV or reading a book.
  • Which medical methods should be prefered in hair transplantation?
    Answer: Hair transplantation is done by  grafts.There are two methods:
    FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantatıon)
    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): There will be neither  a wound, nor an operation stain left.
    With both methods, healthy hair roots are taken from the nape area ( donor area) and they are transplanted to the balding or thinning area.
  • Can laser be used during hair transplantation?
    It is not recommended to user laser technology as laser can cause a problem with adoptation of hair textures and having continuity. Laser burns blood vessels and it keeps textured from improving themselves after the surgery. Laser causes incrustation and  delays  the skin to cure.
  • Is there any alternative method  than hair transplantation and laser technology?
    Hair transplantation is the best  way for permanent hair growth  and health standards. When you compare hair transplantation with wigs, or prosthesis,hair transplantation has more natural appearance, and permanent effect.
  • Is there any risk with hair transplantation surgery?
    Every medical surgery has side effects and risks.
    There may be incrustation for about approximately 10 days in skin layer at areas where hair transplantation is made.
    There may be itching.
    After the surgery there may be temporarily hair thinning visible.
    If FUT method is used  instead of FUE method, there will be a scar visible in the donor area.
    The erythema which  occurs after the surgery may last 3-8 weeks.
    Infection may be a risk as  with every medical surgery  although the possibility and risk is low.
  • What is the legal age for hair transplantation?
    Persons at the age of 18 and plus can the have legally hair transplantation done.
  • Is there any illness or medical condition that I have to inform my doctor about?
    You should inform your doctor  if you have allergy, blood presure, diabetes, etc.
  • Does hair transplantation cause any health problems?
    Because it is  a surgery operation, hair transplantation may have side effects. But it will not cause problems which can effect your health longterm.
  • Can hair transplantation be made to women?
    After examining the reasons of hair loss (it may be be the cause of hormonal factors, deficiency or excess of study in thyroid gland), the hair transplantation can be made also to women in the same way as to men.
  • How much does hair translantation surgery cost?
    It depends on the area where hair transplantation will be done, and the amount of hair needed for the transplantation. For more detailed information please contact us to make an appointment.
  • Which conditions are not suitable for hair transplantation?
    Although hair transplantation can be made in every age, patients who have illnesses should  have tests examined and consult their doctor (people who have heart and liver disease, diabetes, and hipertension or any other chronical illnesses). On the condition that there is no problem after medical tests and certifications and patient has a confirmation report which is specified as no problem fort he process by an internal medical doctor, hair transplantation surgery can be done.
  • Is it possible that the transplanted hair can be lost?
    Transplanted hair is taken from a strong genetic area and therefore you will not face hair loss with implanted hair.
  • After the hair transplantation, will  my hair’s appearance look artificial?
    Transplanted hair will have a natural look because transplanted hair is placed according to the natural starting point.
  • How many days do people need for hair transplantation?
    First you should contact  us and we will set an operation date and provide you with further details. After your preliminary controls,we will make the operation at your specified date. The next day after the operation, dressing is done. Within  same day, we will discharge you after we have briefed you about how to wash your hair. Mediliva ensures you to return back to your daily life after 2 days.
  • When does hair starts to grow?
    Within first 3 months you will loose the implanted grown hair. After 6 months, hair which was lost within first 3 months will  grow %75 percent and at the end of a year, %95-100 percent of all hair will be grown.


Frequently Asked Questions About Operation For The Moment

  • How long should hair be for hair transplantation?
    As with any other topic, Mediliva will help you also with this. We will cut your hair to the seize of 0 or number 1.
  • Is general anesthesia or local anesthesia used with hairtransplantation?
    Local anesthesia is used for hair transplantation. The operation area is numbed and the patient is conscious. It is not a problem to read newspapers,magazines, books, listening to music, and even watching TV is not a problem.


Frequently Asked Questions After Surgery

  • Is there any pain after hair transplantation?
    Headaches may ocur after surgery in rare cases.  By using our recommended painkillers you can overcome these pains.
  • Does hair transplantation cause hair loss after the operation?
    If the hair shaft and roots are damaged during the transplantation, hair loss may be seen temporarily. Hair starts to grow again. You don’t have to worry about it thanks to Mediliva team and it’s surgeons.
  • When does transplanted hair starts to grow?
    Person’s hair can be poured within 15-20 days depending on the physiological state. You don’t need to worry. Because firts transplanted hair starts to grow in the next 3 months. Because firts transplanted hair starts to grow within the next 3 months. In the next 3 months,hair should have grown by %70-75 percent depending on the physiological state. It is normal that growing hair will look  thin, curly and grayed out within the first year. But you will have the original form of your hair in a while. At the end of a year, transplanted hair will have grown by %95-100 percent.
  • Do I need to transplant hair again?
    It may need some more seances according to process , strength of transplanted area, function of grafts, and the rate of hair loss.
  • Is transplanted hair lost again?
    Hair which is taken from between two ears above the nape from the back head for transplantation is strong against loss. Hair loss is not seem in the area forever.
  • Can hair care products, such as gel, spray ,dye,etc. be used after hair transplantation?
    Actually, no product is  suggested to be used in the first 3 months because of the implanted hair which starts to grow. After 3 months, Mediliva will  inform you in thee best way and our doctors will give you further advise.
  • Are direction and appearance of implanted hair like original form and shape?
    Appearance will be natural after prolonged because grafts are placed in the natural hair growing style. After your hair grow is completed, you can shape and dye your hair in the way you want.
  • When can I return back my daily life after the transplantation?
    There is no risk at returning back to your job after dressing is done. Erythemas will heal within 10 days. However if you take  incrustation into consideration which is likely to  occur within the first 10 days, you should set your work order accordingly.
  • Is the period after hair transplantation painful?
    Because the transplantation is done under  local anesthesia, you will not fee any pain. If there is  a headache you can take painkillers with a permission of your doctor.
  • Is there any problem with wearing accessory, such as hat, bandana, etc.?
    You should not wear anything up to 15 days unless you have an obligation. After that time, your doctor will make a decision and advise.
  • Does hair grow in the area where the donor hair roots are taken from.
    No, it will not grow again. But that part of hair is folded over with grown hair.
  • What should you not do after the surgery?
    For the first three days should stay away from situations which may lead to head trauma, such as stress, sex, alcohol, heavy Work and sport. The implanted area should be protected from sun for the 1-2 months. Hair care products should not be used within the first 15-20 days after the implantation.
  • Does the hair which is transplanted grow?
    Although it changes according to the  transplanted areas, approximately all of them will grow.
  • Does hair transplantation have artificial or natural appearance?
    Hair transplantation with FUE method gives you a natural appearance without a scar. Because transplanted hair is the patient’s own hair,it keeps natural color and shape.
  • Is there any scar after hair transplantation?
    FUE method is a no-scar  hair transplantation. After dressing is done, you healing will already start.
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