FUT Hair Transplantation Method

Hair roots from the upper part of the back head is taken in shape of a “ ribbon” and implanted in a suitable size and shape to the bald area. The area where hair is taken for implantation under local anaesthesia is left with a scar that can not be seen later easily. This method has no need for stitches or any need for stitches to be removed later. This method enables to use more grafts which includes hair roots as it can be prepared  with  1, 2,or 3 groups. Hair roots are protected in a safe way until transplantation starts. Hair grafts are implanted into mictrocanals without any damage to hair roots by using micropensents which are ampified digs. Prepared canals  protect healthy hair around not to be harmed and enables them to thicken.  FUT method provides the chance to transplant hair more frequently. Wrong applications may later cause hair look like “grass”.

 Fut Saç Ekim Yöntemi

Fue Hair Transplantation Method

Method of FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) is a minimally invasive hair transplant techqnique in which follicular units are individually removed from the donor area and individually transplanted to the recipient area ( bald or thinning area). Grafts are  removed  using micro extraction tools ( micro automated tools) and then implanted in the recipient area. Hair roots can be taken from any  backhead area  of the hair scalp  which is usually the area between two ears  above the nape. If this donor area does not provide enough hair ,  other parts of the body, such as chest, back, abdomen etc. may be used instead. This process is also performed under local anaesthesy. Approximately up to 2500 hair roots can be easily transplanted during one session by using the FUE method. If there is need to transplant more hair, the process can be continued the following day. In the event that not having enough donor area, prefering short hair cuts, limited receiving area to transplant due scars, or not enough elasticity of the scalp, the FUE method is used as the most preferred hair transplantation method.

Fue Saç Ekim Yöntemi

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