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The Place and Importance of Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has well trained and educated labor force in health sector. Doctors and health care personnel who can speak foreign language do not have any problem in communication. Health tourists can easily find answers for any question in his mind. Also, health tourists are adequately informed by doctors and nurses before and after surgery, and by this way it is achieved that the tourists have high spirits.

In Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries where rheumatic diseases are densely seen due to disadvantages of climate, demand for thermal tourism is higher. Our country which has relative advantages in terms of climate, price, security, and transportation has an highly advantageous position for medicine tourism, spa & wellness and thermal spring, old age and sport tourism, and it is vested with features appealing to each layer of society.

Moreover, by considering proximity, nature and climate conditions which are not in their countries, and cultural similarities, Turkey is in a location which can be destination country in health and thermal tourism for Middle East countries.

Visa Support in Health Issues and Border Exemption

By means of visa exemptions which are recently provided for Middle East countries, facilities given on borders and other political and cultural relations, important increases in the travels from that area are recorded.

Because health expenses in developed countries are high, the patients are in a tendency to obtain treatment services from the countries which gives health services with low cost to decrease their treatment services.

Decision of some private insurance companies in Germany and Netherland in addition to Sweden, Norway and Denmark to send patients to Turkey for thermal treatments creates an important market share in our country in terms of thermal tourism.

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Health Tourism and Transportation to Turkey

Turkish Airlines help us discovering all around the world from Asia to America, from Europe to Far East with more than 190 direct flights. Turkish Airlines aim to increase the number of planes from 175 to 200 in 2012. Transportation to Turkey which locates between Asia and Europe sides are easy and economic. Because of its geographical location, Turkey is at place ruling both Middle East and Europe. That’s why Turkey is the meeting point of the tourist coming from both East and West. It is possible to fly all regions of Turkey after a 2- or 3-hour flight. With its expanding fleet, Turkish Air Lines is recently one of a few world-wide-know companies. It leaves behind many of its substitution in terms of quality and standardization. Such a big fleet in health tourism satisfies the needs and increases the patient flow. This makes great contributions to the substructure of health tourism in our country.

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